It’s exciting to share Steve’s book. I’ve watched him work on this story for about ten years. It was ready to go in the summer of 2010. Unfortunately, he passed away in September.

I knew, though, even before September, that I would be involved with the book in some way. But publishing the book, Wow!

The pictures on the home page are Nikko, Japan, where Ryuko, the heroine of the story lived. Looking at these photos you can get a feeling of that beautiful place.

Steve and I traveled to Nikko together, and visited Ryuko’s family. Then I went back a second time with my daughters, Kristine and Carol, when Carol finished her L.D.S mission to Sendai. The highlight of the trip to Japan was visiting Ryuko’s family. Uncle Shoji was delighted to speak to Carol in Japanese. After eating a feast the family had prepared for us, we dressed in kimonos and danced at the O Bon festival. It was a memorable time.

When my grandson, Christian Shoji, completed his mission to Kobe, Japan, his entire family of six went to Japan to meet him. They, too, visited the family in Nikko, where Christian, speaking Japanese, became acquainted with aunts, uncles and cousins.

This is the story of how Steve and Ryuko met, fell in love, and wanted to marry regardless of the difficulties they faced. It’s a story of acceptance by Ryuko’s family, and the Japanese people who lived in their neighborhood. It’s a story of happiness, humor, and ultimate sorrow. It will touch your heart.

Arlene Price


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