“A remarkable memoir and ‘love letter’ that rings true on every page. I know of nothing remotely comparable to it where marriage between Japanese and non-Japanese Americans is concerned….An intimate and heartbreaking story, beautifully told. I can think of no other work about Japan and America that reveals more poignantly how love and trust can bridge culture, even were the odds seem so formidably against this.”
John W. Dower, Ford International Professor of History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and 2002 Pulitzer Prize winning author of Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II.

“Stephen Price presents us with a rich and detailed history of his marriage to his beloved Japanese ‘war bride’ wife, Ryuko. It is a the story of a young courageous Japanese woman who defiled her family and risked their alienation when she chose to marry a young U.S. Navy man. Stephen married a Japanese woman at a time when interracial dating and marriage were outlawed in many parts of the United States. Descriptive and intelligent, this book will alert the reader to a period of both American and Japanese history and culture that has heretofore gone unsaid. You will delight in Ryuko’s faith in her love for her American-born husband, and in her husband’s unerring devotion to ensure Ryuko’s happiness in America.”
Dr. Regina F. Lark, UCLA Women’s Studies Programs, Researcher on Japanese war brides.

“I, as one of the judges for the League of Utah Writers, want to tell you that my heart has been exceeding touched by your lovely story…This is a touching love story appealingly and tenderly told–a tribute to the author and the strength and beauty of the lovely heroine of the story…a story that will touch many lives…The very ‘humanness’ of the characters comes forth. The strengths and weaknesses of the two main characters are exhibited. This evokes the reader’s empathy for both of them. In most of the entries I read, I put a dash in the left-hand margins of the manuscripts (to indicate errors or suggestions)…I couldn’t bring myself to do this in your manuscript. This is such a tender, wonderful memento…I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have read it.”
Mary Alice Slade, Judge, League of Utah Writers

“I have heard many stories of ‘forbidden” marriage, but always from the bride’s point of view. This portrayal of the Price’s compelling love story brings us clear insight into the hearts and minds of the men who also lived this unique experience. Love Letter for a Japanese War Bride is a wonderful love story. Thank you for sharing these poignant memories of Ryuko san with us.”
Kazuko Umezu Stout, Former President of Nikkei International Marriage Society (Association of Japanese War Brides)